Wern Min

It’s been a several months since my last update here, it’s collecting dust now. Well, one of a couple things that I don’t like about Facebook is the awful image quality, whichever photos you put on it, it probably drops like 30 to 50% quality of the image. I got this batch of photos uploaded […]

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The City of Pigeons

1. Socializing – 2. Pigeons Buddy – 3. – Rush Hours I’m not sure what you guys think, but to me it does looks a little like in the town of pigeons. If the name sounds funny to you, I totally understand u_u lol

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Anthony here – the photographer and artist behind this blog, incase we were never properly introduced.This is where you’ll find my latest work, drawn from personal projects and professional assignments. This site is a work notebook, a playground, and a lab: I shoot portraits and fashion, landscapes, friends and documentary; on the other side, i do characters, visual arts, interface, commercials and illustrations,  and I won’t be limiting myself to any one of those here. So, this is not a diary, although it will probably be updated daily. And this is not a portfolio;  for that visit my flicker.

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